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*I love Stick Yoga, especially because its taught by my friend, mentor, and martial arts Grand Master Jay Dunston.  Although I have had a yoga practice for decades, I am finding this to be a wonderful new alternative.  The results are instantaneous and exciting.  I am feeling and looking more healthy, toned, strong and confident.  I also like how inclusive it can be ... people can be at different levels, and receive the work they need.  Jay is an exceptional instructor.  He brings joy,  enthusiasm and inspiration to every class.   I am truly blessed and grateful.


-Linda K Grace, 

 Santa Cruz

*I had the pleasure of training with Grand Master Jay for about three years. He’s a very thoughtful and dedicated instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to deeply learn self-defense!


-Skye Braunhut

 TaeKidoMuSool Student



*I have been taking stick yoga classes with Grand Master Jay for several months now and all I can say is it is truly amazing!  I'm 66 years old and have taken many yoga classes but nothing compares to this.  I felt so much better after just one class.  And I felt an increased strength, balance and flexibility after only one month!  I have biceps now!  The great thing about stick yoga and the way Gran Master Jay teaches it, is that it's easy, it's for all ages, and all levels of fitness and physical condition.  There's even someone in a wheelchair that's been taking the class and he's gotten stronger and starting to stand up for some of the bar exercises!  It's also really fun; we often play music and do breathwork which is very calming for the mind.  People need to know about this so they can come and be amazed just like me.


Thank you so much Grand Master Jay!  


-Barbara Buchanan

*I am currently training with Grandmaster Jay, and he has also worked with my godson Aidan with his Tae Kwon Do forms for competition. Grandmaster's knowledge of the martial arts is impeccable. It's an honor to train with him. 


-Valarie Farias

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